To ensure the safe transportation of our students, Van Pool has outfitted every vehicle in its fleet with a GPS unit, providing operators with real-time vehicle tracking capabilities. The benefits to all constituents include:

  • Stricter enforcement of safety standards, including the verification of vehicle compliance with speed limits
  • More efficient routing through data-driven decision making
  • Maximized fuel efficiencies
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Improved communication with all constituents

Fleet Response

Van Pool utilizes Fleet Response, a leading third party fleet management company with a nationwide network of vendors and 30,000 vehicle service providers, to ensure every vehicle in its fleet is maintained in prime operating condition. Benefits include:

  • Customized maintenance schedules and reporting
  • Access to real-time vehicle information and maintenance history across Van Pool’s fleet
  • Minimized downtime of vehicles, facilitating on-time service and improved vehicle availability
  • Structured, focused approach to maintenance lowers the risk of an incident related to vehicle performance


Van Pool has installed cameras in every vehicle in its fleet. Benefits include:

  • Promotion of safety and performance standards with greater accountability at the driver level
  • Accurate reporting of incidents and support of proper disciplinary action if required

Access Database

Van Pool has developed a proprietary database of critical information and correspondence with students and districts to drive continued operational improvements across its organization. Benefits include:

  • Improved institutional knowledge of students’ individual needs and preferences
  • Enhanced communication between Van Pool, parents, students, and school districts
  • Greater visibility into driver and student network, allowing for more flexible service and routing
  • Internal coordination between multiple functional groups including billing, human resources, and routing, enabling best-in-class service for students, parents, and districts