Special Needs Student Services

Students requiring special services is a growing segment of the overall student population. As such, school districts and administrators can count on Van Pool to provide reliable, safe, and professional transportation to and from each student’s program.

Because special transportation is all that we do, Van Pool can provide a higher level of service, reduce risk, and control costs.

  • Our management team and transportation coordinators participate in both classroom curriculum, as well as a one year on-the-job training program covering all areas of special transportation, parent relationships and issue resolution, school district and administrator requirements, routing of students and billing.
  • Our drivers are trained and re-certified on a continuous basis through our proprietary training program, Van Pool School. At Van Pool School our drivers learn about managing student behaviors, bullying prevention, first-aid and CPR, and car seat systems and safe vehicle operation.
  • Our vehicles are expertly maintained throughout their useful life and are among the newest in the industry. Whether the need is a mini-van, passenger van, specialized wheel chair van or automobile, Van Pool has the correct vehicle to match your service needs adhering to all regulatory requirements.
  • Our proprietary information technology platform provides a central location for all student, parent, district and program information needed to safely and reliably service our student population, while providing the highest levels of responsiveness and information for our school districts and administrators. The result is a consistent, professional experience that reduces cost, time and risk for school districts and administrators.

Van Pool Flex

Van Pool Flex can complement your existing in-house solution when additional capacity is needed. We continuously invest in our team, so when the need arises we have the capacity to offer a flexible solution that meets your changing needs.

Van Pool Flex can provide you with the peace of mind that responsive, safe, and professional transportation services can be there when you need them. Contact us today to see how we can help fulfill your service needs.